Rerrick Stick Making Supplies

About us

Shepherds across the globe probably spent a fair bit of time during the long winter nights, sitting in front of a blazing fire patiently and skilfully carving a handle for a new crook. To them it was a practicality but their dedication spawned a burgeoning interest in the art as people became increasingly aware there was also a particular beauty to be found in sticks.

In recent years there has been a re-awakening of that interest and it is no exaggeration to say that Rerrick Stick Making Supplies, in many ways, is confirmation of the ongoing interest that continues to snowball.

From humble beginnings – the odd sale on Ebay – the small Scottish business, nestling in rural Dumfries and Galloway in the south west of Scotland, has been a keystone in the supply of all materials needed by stickmakers of all persuasions.

Rerrick Stick Making Supplies quickly appreciated the enormous demand for materials key to perfecting the craft. Over the last few years the company has just kept on expanding on an international tide of high level repeat business. The backbone of that expansion undoubtedly lies with the high standard of customer service and attention to detail Rerrick Stick Making Supplies prides itself in.

Items stocked include:

Horns – Buffalo, Cow and Deer.
Pre Formed Handles – Buffalo horn lyre, churchill and wide top; African rosewood lyre; derby sheesham; crtuch sheesham; Buffalo horn market and long nose.
Collars – Beaded nickle silver, brass and copper; plain brass; Buffalo horn beaded and barrel.
Ferrules – From size 15mm to 25mm; 26mm to 32mm; Alpine spikes and rubber ferrules for Alpine spikes.
Buffalo horn and bone spacers; flanged and straight connectors; compass; shanks; and more than fifty different pewter badges.
Resin; leather lace; catapult rubber; leg cleeks; nocks; Sgian dubh; scabbards; lustre and Vonax polish; polishing mops; Buffalo horn dog whistles; and stick making books.

Just ask for any items not listed.